This documentation will highlight you about the Typography for your Web Page.

Typography plays the most important role in the UX of a website. Therefore, we’ve focused on giving you a number of typography options that will help you customize your fonts using the PopularFX theme.

PopularFX provides global typography options where you can make changes at one place and they will reflect globally.

You can also make changes global typography using Pagelayer > Website Settings.


For Typography, you will first need to access your WordPress Dashboard.

Wordpress Dashboard

Hover to Appearance and Click on Customize Option.


Your Customizing Page will open and will let you allow to edit your Page as per your needs. Go to Typography Option.


Body and Headings

This is default typography that will apply to the entire website. Available options are –

  • Font Family: Choose the Font Family from numbers of families for the content on your website.
  • Font Size: Select the default Font Size of the content on your website.
  • Font Style: Select the default Font Style of the content on your website i.e. Normal, Italic, Oblique.
  • Font Weight: Select the default Font Weight of the content on your website.
  • Text Transform: Select the default Text Transform of the content on your website i.e. Inherit, Initial, Capitalize, Uppercase, Lowercase, None.
  • Line Height: Setting a value here would add a line-height to the website’s body and content
  • Text Spacing: Select the default Text Spacing of the content on your website.
  • Word Spacing: Select the default Word Spacing of the content on your website.
Typography Editing
You can do the above Typography styling in similar way to the Headings by just choosing desire heading option from the list of options available in Typography from H1-H6.

Typography Using Pagelayer

Click here to see the changes of Typography using Pagelayer.

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