Scroll to Top


Scroll to Top helps add a scroll to top action on all pages. This makes scrolling easy to the top when you’ve reached the end of the page.

Scroll To Top

To Enable navigate to Appreance >> Customizer >> Global >> Scroll to Top

  • Enable Scroll to top: Enable this toggle to enable scroll to top on all page.
  • Button Position: Set the position of this element in % .
  • Button Spacing: Set the internal spacing of this element.
  • Icon Size: Set the icon size.
  • Border Width: Set border width.
  • Border Radius: Set the border radius of scroll to top button.
  • Background Color: Set normal background color.
  • Icon Color: Set the icon color.
  • OnHover Background Color: Set hover background color.
  • OnHover Icon Color: Set hover icon color.
  • Border Color: Set normal border color.
  • OnHover Border Color: Set on hover border color.
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